Inside Temple Services

Below are the services we offer inside the temple

Priests services are available at the Temple, in your Home, or your place of Business.

Please contact the Temple office at 910-853-1800 for Temple Fees, Dhakshena, Event scheduling and booking Priest for your next occasion.

Gakaara Maha Ganapathi Homam (To Remove Obstacles)Kalyanam for Lord
Aayusha, Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam (For long healthy life)Nakshatra Shanthi Pooja, Homam
Abishekam For Any Deities in the TempleNavagraha Shanti Pooja, Homam
Sri Chakra Pooja / Bhagavthi SevaDurga/ Lakshmi/ Saraswathi Pooja / Homam
Abdeekam / Hiranya Shraaddha Tarapan / TaddinamNischitartham (Engagement)
Aksharabhyasam (Vidyaarambham)Rudrabhishekam / Panchamrutha Abishekam
Anna Prasana (First rice-eating ceremony)Sri Satyanarayana Pooja / Katha
Any Homam (Requested by Devotee)Seemantham / Godh Bhari Ceremony / Udakashanti
Any Vratham (Requested by Devotee)Ugra Ratha Shanti (59th Birthday)
Archana For Any DeitiesShastipoorthi (60th Birthday)
Chuda Karma / Hair OfferingBheema Ratha Shanti Homam (70th Birthday)
Ganapathi SahasranamarchanaUpanayanam / Thread Ceremony
Sri Maha Vishnu SahasranamarchanaVahana / Car Pooja
Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari SahasranamarchanaVivaham (Marriage)
Vijaya Lakshmi Sametha Sudharsana HomamVivaham (Marriage) and Upanayanam / Thread Ceremony
Shanmuga (Muruga) SahasranamarchanaSri Durga Sahasranamarchana
Japam (Limited to 1 hr.)Chandi Homam
Lagunyasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam / Panchamrutha AbishekamMahanyasa Purvaka Rudra Abishekam

Please contact the Temple office for latest information and scheduling.
**You can offer New Sarees and Dothis to any Deities after Abishekam.

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