Celebrate your Birthday / Wedding Anniversary in a Vedic Way

On auspicious days like Birthday/Wedding Anniversary/ hindu wedding  we should remember almighty for all the blessings that have been showered on us.
Performing Puja/Yagya on such day is inviting the almighty to the Kalasha and seek blessings for happiness, good health & healthy life, relationship and peace in the family.

What are you Celebrating ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register someone from the temple will contact you at the phone number you provided to schedule the puja/homa.

If you wish to join that will be great, but, not necessary. You can let the temple coordinator to do the Puja/Homa on your behalf.

Archana + Puja is for $81

Archana + Puja + Homa is for $108

Yes. It is possible. You can ask the temple coordinator.

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