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The Grand Opening of Shiva Durga Temple of Atlanta

सर्वरोग निवर्त्यार्थमं सर्व यज्ञ फलप्रदम्, सर्व संपथ्करमं न्रिनाम् पुत्रपोत्राभि वर्धनम्

The Aagama sastra says:
सर्वरोग निवर्त्यार्थमं सर्व यज्ञ फलप्रदम्,
सर्व संपथ्करमं न्रिनाम् पुत्रपोत्राभि वर्धनम्
It is conducted with the sole purpose of eradicating all illness, obtaining good benefits from various Yagaas, deriving rich benefits for the well being and for the health propagation of the progeny. Indeed, the Kumbhabhishekam brings all round prosperity not only to any particular group of devotees, but also to the society as a whole. With above said, we invite you to in this spiritual event and receive divine energy that will permeate the temple.
There are many opportunities where the devotee can Offer Navarathnas, Offer Oil in their own hands to Ganapati,Shiva, Kanaka Durga, Muruga and Venkateshwara Swamy inside their shrines and perform some of the pujas throughout the three days event. Through the participation of the community, the powers of the chanted mantras are multiplied thereby benefitting the devotee and their community.

Parking Information

During Mahakumbhaabhishekam, parking on Saturday and Sunday will be available at below address.
South Forsyth High School
585 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, GA 30041
This school parking is 1.2 miles from the temple. We have 2 shuttle service from the school parking to the temple.
Important Note:
If you are coming with your family, we would recommend dropping off your family at the temple and then park your vehicle in the school and come back to the temple by shuttle service/uber.
If you have any questions please call below.
Dinesh: 201-214-1790
Laks: 609-558-3225

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Temple Map and Important Contact Numbers

Contact Temple

Temple: 910-853-1800
Rammohan: 678-907-6960
Jailalitha: 301-910-6452

Email: ssdtempleofatlanta@gmail.com

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COVID-19 Guidelines

Wear a face mask in all the events throughout 3 days.

Wash your hands frequently.

If you travelled from out of the country recently, please follow CDC guidelines.

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